Practice Options Pain Management


We have been reviewing different programs that benefit Doctors for the past nine years. We have introduced Doctors to programs that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for their practices. We are, however, very selective in terms of the programs we promote. We understand that Doctors, simply stated, can’t work much harder (their plates are already very full). As a result, we are most interested in programs that fit the following criteria:

● Provide a significant benefit to the patient
● Do not increase the workload of the Family Practice Doctor
● Generate additional, sustainable insurance based revenue for the practice

We are always looking for programs that “retain revenue within the four walls of the Doctor’s practice” without increasing either the risk to or workload on the Doctor.

We strongly recommend the HMS program being offered by the Doctor Alliance Group. We are very familiar with the principals at the Doctor Alliance Group as they are some of the brightest minds in the industry. The principles at DAG have over 60 combined years of working with Medical Doctors and are truly among the experts in their field.

The HMS Program (Headache, Migraine and Sleep) offered by the Doctor Alliance Group fits each of the criteria of programs that we choose to promote. The HMS program allows for the Family Practice to have the potential to generate between $500 and $1,000 per patient by performing a series of initial diagnostic tests. These tests work to determine the cause of a patient’s condition. The tests seek to determine if the cause of a Patient's condition is related to issues involving the patient’s bite, the decrease of muscle function in the neck and head and/or issues resulting from restriction of the patient’s air flow. The diagnostic tests should be administered on patients suffering from any of the following conditions:

Headaches (all forms of)
Tension Headaches
Stress Headaches
Lack of Energy
Interrupted Sleep Patterns
Sleep Disorders
Soreness in the Ears
Clenching of the Jaw
TMJ Problems
Range of Motion
Trigger Point Pain

This list is not “exclusive” other patients may be candidates for testing. Keeping this one step “in house” benefits the patient by better determining the cause of their condition which leads to a more accurate referral. A more accurate referral saves the patient time and money and puts them on the course to proper treatment more quickly. This step also has the potential to increase the net revenue of your practice by $30,000-$50,000 a month depending upon patient volume.

The program is completely turn-key as the purchase price includes all diagnostic equipment, training, billing and coding and the establishment of referrals from other Health Care providers in your area. There are “100 pieces in the puzzle” in terms of implementing the program and each step is expertly executed by the Doctor Alliance Group. In addition, the program is almost exclusively administered by the Doctor staff as to not add to the workload of the Family Practitioner. The program can be fully operational in the Doctor office within weeks.

The program also makes the participating Family Practice a “destination” for patients suffering from the conditions listed on this site. The marketing team at the Doctor Alliance Group is exceptional and can help to generate patients at the volume desired by the Family Practice. The Doctor Alliance Group markets to other Health Care providers (opening up the referral “pipeline”) and also has the ability to market through mass media channels. The Family Practice is offering a valuable service (that is marketable) through their ability to accurately diagnose the cause of the patient’s condition which, as previously stated, can begin patients on the correct path toward treatment and healing of their conditions. This service is of great value to patients who may have been suffering from various conditions for an extended period of time.

The team at the Doctor Alliance Group is talented and experienced and they execute all of their programs in an efficient and mechanized manner. In addition, as with all programs offered by DAG, your investment is 100% guaranteed.

We believe that companies like the Doctor Alliance Group are very much “the future” as they specialize in creating programs that (literally) keep revenue within the four walls of the Family Practice. This is sustainable, insurance based revenue that would have previously been referred out to specialists or other providers. The programs offered are created “by Doctors for Doctors” and, again, seek to ensure sustainable, insurance based and fee for service revenue for the Family Practice.

We understand that Family Practices must continue with their mission of providing exceptional care to their patients. A program like the HMS program, offered by the Doctor Alliance Group allows for that mission to continue through the generation of additional insurance based and fee for service revenue.

In today’s environment, we encourage every Family Practice to thoroughly evaluate programs such as the HMS program offered by the Doctor Alliance Group. As the investment is guaranteed, we really do not see a reason why every practice should not incorporate this program into their practice. As stated, the HMS program provides a benefit to the patient while significantly increasing the practice revenue (without increasing the workload of the Family Practitioner).